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Best Tattoo Studio in Ubud to Get a Meaningful and Unique Tattoo

Best Tattoo Studio in Ubud to Get a Meaningful and Unique Tattoo
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Bali Island is always identical to beautiful and unique arts, as one is art of tattooing. You shouldn’t leave the island without getting a beautiful tattoo on your skin.

The art of the tattoo may increase your charisma. It is like an expression of soul that people will look to you as a communication without words.

For getting the best tattoo, you can visit our tattoo studio (Sideline Ink Bali) where is located at Nyuh Kuning Street, Pengosekan (approximately 8 minutes from center of Ubud).

We provide art of tattooing in international standard. Tattooing will be done by our professional artist and use hygiene equipment and tools.

6 Kinds of Tattoo Styles

Balinese Tattoo Studio
Balinese Tattoo Studio

Before deciding to make a tattoo, make sure you figure out which one of tattoo styles you want to apply on your body. The following are some popular styles in the art of tattooing.

  1. Traditional Style (Old School)

Traditional Tattoo Style (also known as old school style) has a characteristic of bold line, bright color, and iconic design. For examples are roses, skulls, anchors, and lady head.   

  1. Realism Style

Realism Tattoo Style features a shading and color contrast as real. It is usually made as for unforgettable memories and expression of fans to idol.

Bali Ubud Tattoo Shop
Bali Ubud Tattoo Shop
  1. Japanese Style

Japanese Tattoo Style is always characterized by clean line and minimal shading. For some examples of objects are tigers, koi fish, flowers, dragons, kirins, phoenixes, and others mythological creatures. 

  1. Illustrative Style

Illustrative Tattoo Style generally combine some aspects of traditional tattooing and realism. It is characterized by bold outlines and intense color saturation.

  1. Neo-Traditional Style

Neo-Traditional Tattoo Style is an evolution of traditional style, which it leans on shading and color to create realistic portraiture.

  1. Minimalism Style (Geometric)

Minimalism Tattoo Style (also called as geometric style) has characteristics of crisp black lines and negative space. This style leans on simplicity, meaning, and precision.

Balinese Tattoo Style
Balinese Tattoo Style

So, do you want to get a tattoo with one of styles above? Let’s realize it with us!

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Best Tattoo Shop in Ubud Bali

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