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Mandala Tattoo Design Ubud Bali

Mandala Tattoo Design Ubud Bali
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The history of Mandala goes back the prehistoric era. It’s a form of art used by ancient people to represent the whole universe. It is also a symbol used in the spiritual aspect of Buddhism and Hinduism. Although it’s an ancient art, many people are still in awe at how great it looks.

Mandala Tattoo is a sacred symbol. It is a popular symbol for Hinduism and Buddhism, which makes it religious by nature. There are Mandala designs that represent the Sun, the Universe, and the Stars.  People believe that only those who have the blessing of the celestial heavens can complete a Mandala art. Although there’s no proof to its truth, thousands of people still believe this myth. Well, there’s nothing wrong with believing in it. What’s important is that you consider Mandala as an art and appreciate it.

Mandala art is made of basic geometric shapes, particularly squares and triangles. However, when you look at the bigger picture, it will display a circle rather than squares and triangles. This is due to the harmonious combination of the geometric shapes to make a single pattern. Getting this design as a tattoo will be a great idea, especially for people who love ancient art.

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Design by Sideline Ink Bali Tattoo Studio - Ubud Bali

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Meaning of a Mandala Tattoo

The Christian population, because of its close relation to the divinity commonly use Mandala tattoo. More than the simple shapes used to form the pattern, this kind of tattoo embodies a deeper meaning. To most Christian, it means being “whole”. Although there are other shapes used to form the Mandala design, the whole picture will certainly contain a circle, which clearly represents wholeness.

There are also Mandala designs that symbolize Truth and Reality. In Christian beliefs, the Divinity is the source of all truths in the world. There is nothing greater than the absolute truth only known by the Heavenly Father.

Some tattoos with Mandala design also represent the belief of Native Americans. The Native Americans truly believe that every creature is our brothers and sisters. They believe that you need to pay tribute and give honor to all forms of life and the spirit as well. The Mandala designs made by the Native Americans look like a medicine wheel and a clock. The symbol often serves as a reminder to focus on more important things in life.

A Mandala tattoo offers various interpretations. It’s only the tattoo artist and the owner of the tattoo who know what it really means to them. Instead on fishing out details for its meaning, you can simply admire all the hard work that that made it into a masterpiece.

Ideal Placement for a Mandala Tattoo

Mandala is a remarkable design and is ideal for people who like showing off their tattoo. Although sometimes, some people want to keep it personal, it would be great to show off your carefully designed tattoo. This kind of tattoo is chic and highly sophisticated, so it makes you a whole lot cooler than you already are.

One of the best places where you can put your Mandala tattoo is on your hand or arms. This is the most visible part of your body, which makes it a great spot for showing off your tattoo. It a great location for your design, allowing you to effortlessly show off your tattoo.

Another great spot for a Mandala Tattoo is your back. The back part is almost flat, which makes it easier for the artist to elaborate the design of your tattoo and put in a lot of details. Because the back part is also wider than any other body parts, you can put bigger tattoos on this area. If you want, then you can even put a beautiful Mandala design tattoo all over your back.

If you want to look sexy with a tattoo, then you can put it on the back of the neck or on one side of the next. However, you can only use a small design with limited details because the space won’t allow you to have big tattoos on those spots.

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