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Tattoo Ubud Tripadvisor

Tattoo Ubud Tripadvisor
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The story from our constumer from Rusia, he was 17 years old get frist tattoo on his arm, he decided to make some tattoo from his country from the frist artis he know, so funny when he told me the story when he start to get ink, he said to the artis "please make it nice, if not i will cut off your hand". that is joke from him but the artis get scary, than this's happened to him.

Tattoo Ubud Tripadvisor

until he come to our Tattoo Shop at Sidleine Ink Bali Tattoo Studio Ubud, he give our artis change to make the design for cover up, that's big challenge for us, finally we got the design and he decided to do it. This's the stencil we make for the first step.

Tattoo Ubud Tripadvisor

we told him need to stay nice around 6-7hours, and he did it, so much think we did during tattooing, pizza he order for us together for 3big box pizza, that's absolutely make us full :D but of course make us so hungry for 6 hours, but after at all finally we finished the tattoo, he really really like it and so happy, big experience and big opportunity to improve our skill to do this piece. we had the picture together after long day :D

Tattoo Ubud Tripadvisor
Tattoo Ubud Tripadvisor

Thank you my big bos for this all, nice to meet you, but sorry we don't have yet Tripadvesor but we will make it soon, see you next time at Sideline Ink Bali Tattoo Studio Ubud.

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