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Best Cover Up Tattoo Artist Ubud Bali

Best Cover Up Tattoo Artist Ubud Bali
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Covering a tattoo with a new one is the most difficult thing to do, all aspects must be very perfect and have to be more detailed, covering old tattoos takes longer to ensure the new tattoo looks perfect.

besides that it must be done by artists who are experienced in the field this, as did tattoo artist Putu Ade who came from Ubud, he did it very carefully, with a design that can really cover old tattoos, there are several projects that have been done that require about 10-12 hours.

in view of the workings of Putu Ade, he was very patient and very thorough, when working on it he had to repeatedly design, do a photo session at the beginning and make a design using his tab, after the design was finished and considered appropriate by his customers, the second stage was carried out is measuring the size of the tattoo that will be printed, after that it will be transferred to the stencil paper.

the time to set the stencil must be very careful to get good quality, then proceed to the tattoo process.
This is photos that he had done.

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tattoo style he make usully for Realism Tattoo Black and Grey or Color, for more information you can visit him at Sideline Ink Bali Tatto Studio Ubud WhatsApp number +62 81 239 231 555


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