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Koi FIsh Tattoo Meaning

Koi FIsh Tattoo Meaning
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In Japanese, ‘koi’ translates to ‘carp’ or carp fish. However, just because the word carries a simple meaning doesn’t necessarily mean that koi fish do not possess any form of symbolism. The word ‘koi’ is taken from the Japanese word ‘nishigikoi’. Koi fish come in a whole spectrum of colors, and their scales are decorated with beautiful patterns. People keep koi fish in ponds and raise them as pets, and you can find pet stores that only sell koi fish. Koi fish are high-maintenance fish, and are very expensive to take care of.

Koi fish are also a common subject in tattoos. According to most tattoo artists, koi fish represent strength, prosperity, determination, independence, perseverance, and good luck, among other things. All of this is based on the huge amount of reverence and respect that the Japanese people have for the humble koi fish.

The koi fish is known to be one of the more popular choices when it comes to picking a design for a tattoo. And it’s no surprise why – It’s both attractive and colorful, and has captured the attention of so many people. Koi fish tattoos are equally loved by both men and women. Koi fish themselves are filled with, energy, especially when they’re living in their natural habitat. Perhaps one more reason as to why plenty of people love a koi fish tattoo so much is because of the fact that koi fish carry loads of symbolism, as mentioned earlier, including wealth and power.

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Tattoo by Sideline Ink Bali Tattoo Studio Ubud Bali

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The most common pattern found in colored koi fish tattoo designs are usually gold, or a combination of orange, silver, and black. A colored koi fish is frequently placed together with other Asian-themed symbols, including lotus flowers or Chinese characters. Despite growing in muddy rivers and banks, the lotus often grows to become a beautiful flower. And because of this, lotuses are often used as symbols of determination, change, and struggle.

Getting a black koi means you have successfully overcome a certain change in your own life, or in your behavior. If you know someone who has dealt with a huge amount of pain and has reached a level of success in their lives, then the black koi fish can be a good symbol.

Another colorful koi fish tattoo idea is the blue koi fish. Although this type of design is more popular with men, since blue is considered as a masculine color. Blue koi fish often represent reproduction. Apart from that, it could also stand for calmness and tranquility of the mind and body.


Tattoo by Sideline Ink Bali Tattoo Studio Ubud Bali

for more information please visit our website or our instagram @sidelineinkbali

to make your appointment please send email to [email protected] or WhatsApp +6281239231555

A koi fish paired up with a lotus flower carries plenty of meanings, as both of them are highly regarded in Japanese culture. Even though koi fish that come with lotus flowers are monochrome, the lotus is often colored pink or blue, with yellow tips. This makes the flower pop out without looking too gaudy or flamboyant. Sometimes, a tattoo with only three or two colors looks the best.

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