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Tattoo Shops in Ubud Bali

Tattoo Shops in Ubud Bali
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Octopus Tattoo included treasure and anchor tattoo design.


That's category what our guys want it, is name Mr.Kevin last week he come to our shop and ask for design octopus tattoo, he give us challenge to add new tattoo on old tattoo he has, so he has old tattoo is like lettering tattoo but very unique, like a hidden word in it, so like this.

Tattoo Shops in Ubud Bali


he give us time to make the design like what he want it, and finally we got the design after 24 hours we make it, so many choice so many changes we make. and after he made a decision we start to tattooing, this's the look like after work hard.

Tattoo Shops in Ubud Bali

we did for 7 hours work included break, Kevin stay so good while we doing this piece, so fun job we did together, we talking we laughing and also He have time to watch Infinity War movie in our shop while tattooing, we have same favorit hero is Spiderman :D.

Tha time is like hard work but so fun for 7 hours with him and also with his girlfriend always accompanied him. good girl and beautifull girl. for Kevin please take care the tattoo and take care your girlfriend also, see you next time Kevin and Thank You.

Tattoo Shops in Ubud Bali

our big small after Work Hard, done by our artis @adegenbe (instagram)

at Sideline Ink Bali Tattoo Shop Ubud Bali

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