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Best Cover Up Tattoo Black and Grey Ubud Bali

Best Cover Up Tattoo Black and Grey Ubud Bali
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Cover up tattoo is one of difficult project to do, need a design that will completely cover an old tattoo.

one of our project for cover up tattoo, this arm have so many spot, for six old tattoo need to be cover for one time, our artist Putu Ade have a design for this project, he chose of Ganesha Statue, so many detail project he need to fill of all skin on it, all skin need to get ink.

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so first he need to measure the size of the arm for all cover up, after that fix the design and make the stencil paper, this is one of chalange he need to do, apply the stencil paper to the arm, need to be perfect to make sure all old tattoo is covered.

30 years old was the tattoo, our costumer Aaron Dickson decided to cover up, a lot of meaning and memories from that will be disappear, but when you learn from the past, know you have to improve it for your future, so what our artis give to him for the design also have a big meaning, Lord Ganesha is one of manifestation of God is one of the best-known and most worshipped deities in the Hindu pantheon.

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Stencil paper look so difficult to get ink, a lot of detail, but our artist so patient he said this is tattoo for whole your life you will see and everybody will ask you where and who make this tattoo. we start from 10am to fix the disign and stencil paper, Our guest is also very patient, he really gives confidence to our artists "make it beautiful mate" like what he said, after 10 hours he got what he want.

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after this finish our costumer decide to get full arm for next year, that mean this arm is on progress, that is how we sarve our costumer, make something nice on your skin fo whole your life, that is supposed to do, thank for Aaron Dickson see you for next year. 

if you guys need more information about us, please visit our facebook page, instagram or our page thank you for read this story, see you around.

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